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Our girls are regulars at the DDH & we can’t thank the team enough for their loving care & attention. Not only do we have peace of mind when we go away but we also have some good laughs at the antics the girls get up to while on their vacay. The photos of Father Christmas, Easter events, braais, swimming with mates, snuggled up on the bed on cold winter days in jerseys, special birthday celebrations - these things touch our hearts. On their last vacay I received a message asking if we wanted to buy them a Poochie snack pack. This generated a lot of laughs & discussion in our house while we debated whether or not to go for it - of course we did, because who wants to be those parents who say no 😂 What a unique & wonderful service the DDH is offering to those of us who are crazy about the furry members of our family!! Thank you.
Megan Comrie
We checked our precious fur babies in for the long weekend at this hotel. Best decision ever! They were well taken care of and receiving the constant updates of their activities with hundreds of pics made us feel so secure and happy 😊 The staff are so friendly and approachable, one can definitely see the passion they have for dogs. We also had a meet and greet done a week earlier to assess our babies in that situation and see how they interact with other dogs. The owners were open to any questions we had. The weekend ended with sad faces and “dog-tired” fur babies who were obviously very sad that their fun was over. They literally slept for two days after! Needless to say, we will definitely be checking them in again very soon! Thank you Durban Dog Hotel!
Reyna Rambarun
Having to leave my fur babies whilst I am away is never easy for me, my recent travels saw me booking my babies Harley and Hope into the Durban Dog Hotel for a 2 week holiday. I'm one of those pedantic fur mama's so a lot of research occurred prior to me making the decision to book them at the DDH and I must say, it was decision with no regrets. I will without a shadow of a doubt make use of the DDH going forward. At first glance I was impressed with the admin side of things, everything was done in a very professional manner. Upon arriving at the DDH I was impressed at the cleanliness of the Hotel, the warm welcome and the genuine love shown by all staff. Harley and Hope seemed happy and excited as they explored this new and beautiful environment. As comfortable as I felt leaving my babies there, a part of me was sad in that I started missing them as soon as I walked out the gates. Less than 4 hours later I received my first update from the hotel with a host of photos. It was evident that my babies were happy, had settled in nicely and had made a few friends. From there on I received daily updates which just made my day, put a smile on my dial and warmed my heart. The updates gave me a sense of relief allowing me to enjoy my holiday knowing that Harley and Hope were safe, loved, happy and getting 24 hour care and attention from the friendly staff. They were lucky enough to have experienced their first Easter party. We arrived back home and its taken Harely and Hope 4 days to get over the side effects of having had the "time of their lives". No doubt that they miss their furry friends in addition to their human friends but we are grateful for the experience. I will certainly recommend the Durban Dog Hotel to anyone who is looking for a safe, clean and loving environment for their fur babies, it definitely is a home away from home. My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every staff member at the DDH, sadly there are so many people that work behind the scene that I didn't get to meet and thank personally. You have not gone unnoticed, to the owners of the DDH who in 2014 decided to turn their beautiful 6-bedroom family home into a Hotel for Dogs, bless you. To the admin staff, cleaning staff, maintenance staff, to all the pack leaders may you all be blessed in abundance. Until we meet again, stay safe and stay blessed.
Yuvi S
New Jersey
Well this was a first for me in every regard. Never needed to book or pay a stranger to look after our beloved dogs before. But yes it finally happened and was stressing about putting 11m Stitch boy in a kennel that was never locked up or left alone for more than hour by himself. He is part of everyday doing like picking up his little miss from school and get cuddles from all the little kids he can rope in while he is there. So stands to reason he might end up with lasting damage from being put in a locked up kennel ( nothing wrong with it if said pup was trained for it ) So was very surprised when I came across The Durban Dog Hotel and it felt right for Stitch. Filled out the online application and had a few concerns about his behavior with other male dogs. They promptly came back to me and then made appointment to do an assessment with Stitch and their professional Dog behaviorist to see how to cater for his individual needs while he is with them. They was very good and rectify his excitement when he met another male dog very professional. And it was decided he will be part of a pack in the house. That was my wish all along because Stitch loves other dogs and the cats is not truly playing with him as two dogs can do. Dropped him off on my way to the funeral and was a bit worried about getting a phone call saying something horrible happened.... but nothing and just as I got to my destination I got a WhatsApp with pictures on his progress. That brought me near tears seeing how happy he is and having a true heart felt play with other doggies his size. Night time they send me another update of him all spent and cuddle up in a blanket. He was there for a total 3 days and every day they sent me so many pictures how he is running around and have super fun with them and his pack. This was truly a great experience as 1st time mommy putting her baby boy into someone else's care. I never had to ask them for a update. Seeing the pictures was totally sweet and couldn't believe how much fun he had. Bottom part of it all? They broke my poor baby... he sulk for a day because he wants to be there with them and his pack friends... so I decided to book him in every month for a day or two with The Durban Dog Hotel. Their loving care and his little pack friends is bringing out the true doggy part out of him!!!!
Ninnette du Plessis
New Jersey

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Home away from home for pampered pooches (they even accept my goldfish), wonderful care and attention to detail. They send photos of your doggie every day and advise re any medical problems as they arise. Excellent service so you can really relax on holiday.
Natalie WayJones
Referred to as "bubble wrap mom" it's always been difficult for me to entrust others with the care of my fur babies. With that being said, from our first encounter I have had zero reservations leaving my kids in the capable hands of Sonseirai and the Durban Dog Hotel family. We will definitely be longterm clients.
Anee Holding
I can't recommend The Durban Dog Hotel enough. Candice & Sonserai and their staff are the most amazing pack leaders! I was worried my two little dogs wouldn't want to come home after having been so lovingly and attentively cared for. I received multiple pics daily of them both, and was assured of their health and happiness. I delivered my pups with their leads, dog food and meds only. Everything else was provided! Blankets, dog jerseys, beds, bowls, toys etc, were all provided by DDH. While they were at The Durban Dog Hotel they were socialised with other dogs and people. My one pup is a rescue and has terrible anxiety. Since being at DDH he has made marked strides in his anxietal behaviours and habits. Can't thank C & S enough! I would recommend DDH to love and take care of your pets for any period of time, as well as Sonserai's amazing behavioural assistance. Thank you DDH ~ ♡
Gillian Moys

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Wow what an amazing place. It was our first time leaving our boy here. He was so well taken care of. A home away from home. He enjoyed every moment here. They always keep you updated on your pooch. Duke will definitely be back for another stay.
My two little Dashie girls just love being at Durban Dog Hotel. I know they are safe, being cared for and loved while I am away. It's a two way win...they are happy and so am I. Thanx Candice and Sonseirai.
Daisy and Levi was back for a sleepover. Daisy got excited as we drove in. Play time!! I highly recommend Durban Dog Hotel. My dogs are well cared for, they are not in kennels and I love the photos sent to me during the day.
My 5 dogs lived with Sonserei and Candice for 4 months while we finished our build. They were so happy and spoilt. Highly recommended. We will be back this year, you ladies are amazing
I left my babies with Sonseirai over the weekend and they had a blast. Sonseirai knew that I was nervous because I have never left my boys with anyone before. She was so understanding and kept in touch with me and sent me photos of my babies. They had the time of their lives at the Durban Dog Hotel. Sonseirai has a special way with dogs and it is such a relief to know that my babies will be safe when i need to go away again. Thank you Sonseirai for taking such good care of my babies. You are doing such a great service to animal lovers like me.
My precious yorkie Benjy loves his home away from home and the tlc he receives from both Sonserei n Candice and their amazing team. When we travel we know benjy is in the best care n makes our holidays so much more enjoyable. Thank you for all the love n special attention to benjys needs. DDH you rock.
DDH completely put my mind at ease sending our lab to them for 2 weeks while we were away- we got regular updates and photos and Zinzan came Home happy, clean and fit! Thank you so much!
Literally a home from home for dogs. I don’t think I can express how amazing Candice & Sonseirai are.My dogs stayed with them for 3 months and from the daily updates they loved every minute. I can say without a doubt that I would never leave my dogs with anyone else.
Jake, our beloved 5year old Yorkie, had the time of his life over December at Durban Dog Hotel in Waterfall. He was cuddled, taken on pack walks and generally had a blast! Can’t thank you enough for the care AND the fun he had at your home away from home Candice and Sonserai x
Georgie and Hooch had a WONDERFUL easter break. They arrived home happy and exhausted after having so much fun with all the other happy pooches. i really appreciated the updates and photos during their stay. Happy pups = Happy Mum My weekend was made so much better knowing i didnt have to worry one bit. They LOVED being there.
Arranged for my sisters dog to stay over at the last minute due to a family emergency. The team were so accommodating, sent daily updates and pics to let us know the little guy was having the time of his life with all his new friends. It was such a relief to know he was in good hands, with people who really care. Would definitely recommend the DDH.
Paw-ty Central for our little guy. He thinks it's his birthday every time he goes there! Thanks ladies for creating this awesome home-away-from-home for our little thug and for looking after him like we would!
Thanks so much for looking after Lexi this weekend she had a ball and got really spoiled!
We dropped off our 15 year old Annie for a week whilst we were moving to another home, we got photos of her almost everyday and she looked so happy. She even gained a little weight. Will definitely bring her back if we go away. She was well looked after and had such amazing care. Thank you The Durban Dog Hotel for looking after our Annie