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Booking Terms & Conditions

Please note there are TWO sections that require your acceptance:
A. Accommodation Agreement

B. Admission Requirements


1. Whilst all reasonable care and precaution is taken in looking after the animal/s at Durban Dog Hotel, it is distinctly understood that no liability is incurred by the proprietors in respect of any loss or damage to the animal/s through sickness, escape, or from any cause whatsoever.

2. No responsibility is taken for collars, leads, containers, bedding etc. left at the premises.

3. It remains the responsibility of the owners to examine and satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the accommodation offered and, on the signing thereof, agree that they are satisfied with such conditions.

4. It is understood that only dogs that are up to date with all their vaccinations will be accepted at our facilities. Vaccinations must be done at least 2 weeks prior to check in date. Proof of such must be provided.

5. All dogs must be spayed/neutered unless by special arrangement with Proprietor.

6. All dogs must be on an ongoing tick and flea preventative program. If any signs of ticks/fleas are evident, the dog/s will be treated with Frontline Plus or any other suitable alternative. All charges will be added to the account of the owner.

7. All food and treats with full instruction are to be supplied by owner. Should the owner require the proprietor to cook food this will need to be pre-arranged at an agreed upon rate.

8. The guest will sleep on a bed or sofa at night, but the owner must provide a dog bed or blanket that the guest can rest on during the day should he/she desire. It is understood that the owners will take full responsibility for any damage done by their dog/s to any Durban Dog Hotel property. Replacement and /or repairs of such items are for the owners account. lt is understood that the testimony of 2 witnesses at the Dog Hotel constitutes sufficient proof that the dog in question damaged the property.

9. All accommodation costs must be paid in advance, and all extra costs incurred during stay must be settled before the animal/s are to be collected by the owner.

10.Days of arrival and departure will be included in the number of accommodation days and are charged as full days. Should you pick your dog up after 5pm on the day of check-out it will be charged as an extra day.

11.Dogs that are not collected within 5 days after the agreed date of discharge may at the discretion of the Proprietors be handed to the SPCA. It is agreed that the owner shall remain liable for the normal daily rates up to the date of hand over to SPCA.

12.Owners will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency. If the owners of a sick animal could not be reached; the Proprietors will take whichever action they deem appropriate to alleviate the situation. All costs incurred will be for the owners account.

13.The choice of Veterinarian will be at sole discretion of the Proprietor should the Owner be unreachable.

14.Should a Durban Dog Hotel staff member or the two highly trained and socialized resident hotel dogs be bitten by your dog the owner of the dog will be liable for the medical account payment in full.

15.The owner agrees that by booking their pooch into the Durban Dog Hotel there is by default a noncompete clause / agreement that the concept of the Durban Dog Hotel cannot under any circumstances be replicated by the Dog Owner. By booking your dog with us you agree to the above conditions and warrant that to your knowledge the dog/s are in a fit and healthy condition.


Vaccinations, Tick and Flea Treatment, Deworming

Note: All vaccinations must be administered at least 14 days prior to visiting Durban Dog Hotel.

We strive to provide our customers with peace of mind that their beloved dog/s will enjoy his/her stay in a disease-free environment. Our facilities are proudly disease free and we ask your assistance to keep it that way.

Before acceptance of a reservation, guests must be up to date with their annual vaccinations and all dogs must be on an ongoing tick & flea treatment (a flea and tick collar is unfortunately insufficient) such as Frontline or Bravecto. Your pooch must be on a deworming program. A worm is found in the Upper Highway area named Spirosercalupi please ensure you give your pooch a specific dewormer named Milbemax which can be purchased at any vet.

A copy of the "up-to-date" Vaccination Certificate is required for our records and must be submitted in advance with the required documentation.Confirm with your local vet that the following vaccinations are up-to-date.


DHLPP (So called 5 in 1)
Description: Canine Distemper; Para influenza; Adenovirus Type 2; Parovirus; Leptospirosis.
Frequency: Once every 12 months (for dogs younger than 7 years)

Description: Required by lawFrequency: Once every 3 years

Kennel Cough
As a matter of course we expect your dog/s to be tick and worm- free. Should we find any traces of the aforementioned we will immediately apply the necessary preventative remedial treatment for the owner's account.

Admission Restrictions

Note: To ensure maximum peace and harmony amongst all our K9 visitors, we have the following admission restrictions:
Only well socialized dogs with good manners are welcome.
Aggressive behaviour is not allowed.

Cancellation Policy

Payment upfront secures a booking at The Durban Dog Hotel. This is non-refundable under any circumstances.


• Admission requirements will apply in all instances.
• Check-in times for sleep-over K9 visitors are to be arranged with the Hotel owner and are arranged to suit the pack.
• Should 2 dogs not get along they will be separated and placed in a secure area(uncaged) and exercised on rotation in garden.
• Reservations will only be confirmed upon receipt of the following documentation:
  o Completed Check-in form
  o Accommodation Agreement
  o Copy of Vaccination Certificate
  o Full payment – with bank official proof of payment

The above-mentioned documents may be emailed to info@durbandoghotel.com

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