Photo Gallery - Durban Dog Hotel

"Paw-ty Central for our little guy."

Lauren Alkie Magnus, Owner at Kitted

    5 star review  Our Oliver had the best time at Durban Dog Hotel 🙂 As new parents we were very nervous to leave him for 5 days but he had so much fun and the photos we received everyday put our mind and hearts at ease. Thank you team for all your great service and looking after Olly so well. He will be back soon x

    thumb Haylee Jones

    positive review  Thank you to Sonserai and her wonderful team for taking such great care of our little Jack Russel, Zoey. Whilst we were on holiday, Zoey also had her own exciting holiday at the Durban Dog Hotel, where she met lovely friends and was loved and made to feel very special.

    thumb Shelen Bhugwandass

    5 star review  Thanks so much for looking after Lexi this weekend she had a ball and got really spoiled!

    thumb Deidre' Scott

    5 star review  Finally made the decision to leave our precious 1 1/2 year old JR at the Dog Hotel for 3 nights, came to drop off and stayed to enable familiarization for him for about 10 - 15min. When we drove off we felt relieved, at ease and so happy knowing that he would be in good hands with good surrounding. I immediately phoned a friend who also had lodged their dog at the Hotel a couple of days earlier to 'air my relief and state of 'happiness for our dog'. My friend was chuffed that I called as this is exactly how they felt as well lodging their dog at the Hotel too 🙂 🙂 :). Absolutely great to enable to place such confidence in people who are leaving their most loved dogs at the Hotel, amazing to see how they all get on!! CONGRATULATIONS TO CANDICE & SONSEREI!

    thumb Lisette Keightley

    positive review  It is so good to travel and to have peace of mind knowing that your furbaby is in such good hands. We loved receiving all the updates and seeing Jager so happy and making friends. Thank you very much to The Durban Dog Hotel team for taking care of our Jager boy for over 3 weeks.

    thumb Renalda Hoff Connell