Durban Dog Hotel FAQ

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Candice Schneider - Account Manager, Project Room

1. Where are the dogs kept?

Dogs will have the full run of the 5 acres of fenced land from morning to early evening.They will have the option of coming inside too. After 6pm they will be inside the hotel. The fur kids sleep with their pack leader on a bed or sofa if they prefer. The property is also sectioned so that small puppies can be with small puppies and older dogs can be kept with older dogs and the big robust pooches can party it up together without hurting any small dogs.

2. What if my dog doesn't get along with another dog?

Dogs will be slowly introduced to one another whilst leashed and only once they prove comfortable will they be unleashed. Any dogs that are temperamental will be kept separate from the pack in a spacious playroom and rotated on run free time.Sonseirai does not take unsocialised dogs so two dogs not getting on is a great rarity.

3. Who will take care of my dog?

Management and the pack leaders will be there to give your pooch their undivided attention.

4. What must I bring?

Dog owners must bring dog food and/or choose food off our fabulous tail wagging doggie menu​.
Fur kids must come with a collar and tag that has a name and contactable number on.

5. What happens if my dog gets sick?

Please see our Booking Terms and Conditions for more detail on this.

6. Can my dog escape the property?

The 5 acres is fully fenced. We also have a double gate that is manned by a security/doorman .

Please do keep in mind though that this is a home environment, everything in our power has been done to ensure no dog can get out of the premises but if you would like total security with no human error a kennel where dogs are caged for their full stay is recommended. Having said this, a well known kennel in our area where dogs are caged, has had a dog escape. Human error, severe separation anxiety and 'houdini breeds' are factors. The Durban Dog Hotel holds no liability for escape artist pooches.

7. Will my dog be groomed?

Baths are available on request for an additional R150 per pooch.

8. How will I know my fur baby is doing okay?

WhatsApp updates are given 5 days of the week including photos and videos of your poochies vacay or day care.

9. Will my fur baby come home with fleas and ticks?

No. The Durban Dog Hotel religiously treats the hotel and garden for fleas and ticks and no dogs are permitted entry onto the premises without confirmation of their being on a reliable monthly flea/tick treatment. Once every 30 days the 5 acres is treated with pet friendly disinfectant to kill any germs and keep the hotel clean and fresh for your baby.

10. What vaccinations are required for my dog to stay at the DDH?

The 5 in 1, Kennel Cough as well as Rabies. Dogs that have never been vaccinated before or who's vaccinations are expired for over one month will have to wait for 14 days before being able to check into the hotel. Vaccines do not stimulate immunity immediately they are administered. Once a vaccine is administered the antigens must be recognised, responded to and remembered by the immune system. In most cases protection does not begin until 5 days after vaccination. Full protection from a vaccine usually takes up to 14 days.

11. I came to drop off my dog and realised that one or more of his/her vaccinations are expired for over one month. Can you make a one time exception for me and still allow me to drop-off my dog?

No, we will have to decline your check-in for your dog and our other doggie guests safety. We CANNOT make any exceptions.

Durban Dog Hotel Services - Behaviour Modification

    5 star review  We loved having our Toy Pom Billy at the Durban Dog Hotel.The staff were friendly and constantly kept us up to date with Billys well being and all the activities while we were on holiday.

    thumb Lawrence Wessels

    5 star review  Paw-ty Central for our little guy. He thinks it's his birthday every time he goes there! Thanks ladies for creating this awesome home-away-from-home for our little thug and for looking after him like we would!

    thumb Lauren Kelly Woods

    positive review  It is so good to travel and to have peace of mind knowing that your furbaby is in such good hands. We loved receiving all the updates and seeing Jager so happy and making friends. Thank you very much to The Durban Dog Hotel team for taking care of our Jager boy for over 3 weeks.

    thumb Renalda Hoff Connell

    5 star review  Doggy Day Care is just the most fabulous facility for new and old doggy owners. We took our pup Mowgli to doggy day care for a period of about 3 months (3 days a week) for socialisation from the age of 9 weeks old. We also signed him up for one-on-one behaviour work for the first two months and we just can't thank Sonserai and Candice enough. Our little Mo went from being a little terror to the most sweet and gentle pup. We could not believe the difference in his personality. We were worried that all of the behaviour work would be reversed when we stopped taking him to day care so we signed our domestic worker up for 2 lessons with Sonserai in order to teach her all the tricks of the trade with emphasis on correction (should he chew carpets, dig holes, jump up on visitors, etc). Needless to say we have not looked back. We would highly recommend Doggy Day Care and the Durban Dog Hotel to anyone and everyone! Xx

    thumb Samantha Elizabeth Engelbrecht

    5 star review  Thank you for taking care of our precious daxie while we were away! A last minute request and you took him in and spoilt him rotten. Will definitely be back!

    thumb Amy Nicole Barnard